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JMG team building 45

With experience in the private and public sectors our management team have designed a comprehensive range of team development exercises to test all aspects of decision making and planning for effective working teams.

All programmes are designed to customer requirements offering a flexible approach to your specific needs. The programme is adaptable and can be run as a focused programme with built in process analysis of each exercise and individuals contributions, as a means of bringing new or existing teams together, as a team outing or just for fun.

With names such as Bridge Building, Spiders Web, Toxic Waste, Minefield, Night Line, Inca Pyramid, Cross the Swamp, Four Points of the Compass, Locked Together, Obstacle Course, Barrel Run and more, each exercise tests different aspects of teamwork and leadership.

The exercises are set around the sheltered hillside and field to the south west of Bulthy Hill Farm or in Warwickshire, and cater for all levels of fitness. All that is required is loose clothing and casual footwear. Dress for the conditions, that means sun-tan cream when its warm and a waterproof coat for the occasional days it might rain.

Combine half a days team exercises with some of the other activities on offer.

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Team building details:

Age: 12+.

Group numbers ideally 10+.

Activity will last half a day.

Designed for all levels of fitness.

Outdoor clothing and footwear suitable to the weather conditions.
**Bring sun cream for hot weather conditions and jumpers / coats for cold weather.